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Social Media is the new face of our society and impacts a large portion of life of millenial generation. This post discuss its reach and how companies are converting this medium as an opportunity to influence purchasing decisions

How to Use Social Media to influence Purchasing Decisions

It is one thing to drive traffic to your website and another to convert that traffic into actual buyers. Many businesses out there in the digital world are suffering from poor conversion rate and are susceptible to lose their visitors without making any actual transaction. The main reason behind this is the ill knowledge of understanding the consumer buying behavior and what are the motives that drive consumer purchasing decisions.

How to seek a Good Web Devloper in Lucknow?

Seeking Website Developer in Lucknow? Know how to do it right

I have been working as a freelance website developer in Lucknow for almost 4 years now. And, one of the biggest occupational hazards I have faced during this experience is the lack of knowledge and awareness among Lucknowites towards how business front of the Internet works. Even the most Facebook savvy group of people (Yes, Facebook is still a ‘thing’ among Lucknow people. This might give you a general indication of how much Lucknow is behind on the digital front from rest of the world.), aren’t very aware of how a website is created and what is required to run it. Hence, I thought it is necessary to help you in understanding how to find the right website developer in Lucknow that will bring your expansion to internet, the success your business deserve.

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