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How to seek a Good Web Devloper in Lucknow?

Seeking Website Developer in Lucknow? Know how to do it right

I have been working as a freelance website developer in Lucknow for almost 4 years now. And, one of the biggest occupational hazards I have faced during this experience is the lack of knowledge and awareness among Lucknowites towards how business front of the Internet works. Even the most Facebook savvy group of people (Yes, Facebook is still a ‘thing’ among Lucknow people. This might give you a general indication of how much Lucknow is behind on the digital front from rest of the world.), aren’t very aware of how a website is created and what is required to run it. Hence, I thought it is necessary to help you in understanding how to find the right website developer in Lucknow that will bring your expansion to internet, the success your business deserve.

On top of everything, the ad campaigns of giant companies like GoDaddy and BigRock who are trying to create some sort of market in India has affected the website development industry of Lucknow and other suburban Indian cities in the most worse way as they try to lure customers by bellowing unrealistically cheap offers and then providing equally cheap services and stuff which leaves consumer feeling cheated and blaming the whole website business as a scam.

Big Brands are hurting Web Development Industry in Lucknow and other Indian Cities

Seriously, if you are just here to rip off your initial customers, how will you establish yourself for long terms? And they are not alone in this sham business, many local website development companies in Lucknow follow the same pattern of offering website development services for cheaper than DTP designing costs and then run away without providing anything substantial to their customers. No wonder that the same industry which is growing like Jack’s beanstalk in rest of the world is dying in Indian cities like Lucknow.

Why Lucknow Businesses need to expand themselves with Websites?

Websites are the new center of business activities for a decade. They are not only your digital store, but also instant Public Relationship window, Customer Support, Business Lead Generator and easiest way to create first impression and connection with your potential clients and customers. Either you deal with any sort of product or services. Either you are in a profession or want to start something of your as a freelancer. Or , you just have something to say and want to reach out to others a website is the all-in-one platform for all objectives and is rather about ten or twenty times much more cost effective than any conventional means.

Roughly, 70% of business and professionals in Lucknow still do not have their own exclusive website. While about 65% of Lucknow population seeks help of the internet to find what they are looking for. Developing your website now with proper features and projection will give your business a considerable head start over your rivals. But, how to know what sort of features will help your business to optimize your web presence? And, whether you should go for Search Engine Optimization or Social Marketing for maximum projection? This sort of technical nuances daunts anybody new to the world of websites and web applications.

Hence, I have created a list of questions you must ask yourself and your potential web developer to find the right website development services in Lucknow for your business.

What should you look for while seeking a Web Developer in Lucknow?

How much will your Website Cost?

Most of the web development companies in Lucknow will lure you by offering you a very low price for a whole website. Do not fall for it! Even a single webpage on a domain name or even a subdomain will technically be a website. Hence before accepting the ridiculously cheap offer be sure to know what exactly are they providing at such low cost and will it be beneficial for your objectives or not?

But that also doesn’t mean websites are very expensive as well. You do not need to surrender to big talks of fancy website development firms who weave web of technical jargons and complicated processes to put you off and pay whatever the hell they want you to. Luckily, there are a number of web developers in Lucknow who are reasonable with prices, you just have to look a little further than you usually do.

The key is to find a web developer in Lucknow who cares about your website as much as you do. Such web developer will be concerned about you getting best from your investment in going cyber and thus will never ask you anything above reasonable. I have been practicing the same ideology in my career since beginning and from the developer’s perspective, it helps in gaining trust of your clients and thus building a long time relationships. Due to that, a handful of my clients has not only expanded further their business after the initial project, but also diversified in new ventures using this wonderful medium.

So how to know how much your website will cost? First, find an equitable, skilled web developer who offers reasonable, balanced cost and then brainstorm with him thoroughly to find out what sort of website will suit your business objectives and budget.

What kind of website do you require?

Type of website varies from business to business depending on various reasons and factors. Depending on your motives and nature of business, either you will decide yourself, or your web developer will suggest you that whether an e-store, blog, corporate website, social networking or either a mix of two or more such components will make a perfect website for you.

It is always a good practice to heed to your web developer’s wisdom and consider their suggestions as they have experience and sort of know what your customers/ target audience are looking for over internet. However, it is also beneficial to evaluate their suggestions before including them in your projected website, instead of blindly following them.

Some web developers might try to throw unnecessary features on your face in an attempt of making the project bigger than it should be to increase their remuneration. If you encounter any such person it’s better to search for another website developer in Lucknow as that guy does not hold your interest at utmost priority.

Also, do not blame your web developer if God forbids, your website fails after you plainly rejected all of his suggestions and counsels. It is not his fault that you did not let him give his best in your project. One of my client suffered huge losses after opting stubbornly for a news portal (an industry in which he had no acquaintance or experience), despite of me constantly bidding him to choose social networking as major functionality for his website, which might had worked lot better for his goals. Later on, we parted on a very sour note as he blamed me for his inability to comprehend what’s best for his business.

Hence, keep in mind that of course, it is your business and website and your word is final but it doesn’t harm to listen to an expert’s advice once in a while without letting him dominate your decisions. Plan out the most optimum features for your business’ website around your budget while keeping your web developer involved in the decision process.

After you have sorted what kind of website your business requires and what will be the appropriate cost for that. It is time to move to next important decision.

How much Server Space your website will require?

This is another cost related decision but also depends a lot on functionality of your website, you can buy server space or as popularly known, web hosting, yourself, but it is better to counsel your web developer to decide, what is the minimum web space requirement for your website?

It not only depends on the magnitude of your upcoming website but also on other factors like, will it include multimedia or live chat? Will it need AJAX updating or how much traffic will it require to handle simultaneously? Confirm with your web developer that the web hosting you are opting for is sufficient for incessant operation of your website. Of course, every technical thing faces an issue once in a blue moon but with your web hosting it shouldn’t be a matter of every now and then.

Be ready to spend an appropriate amount of money on this part of your investment as your website functionality will be as good as the server it is hosted on.

Here, is a good place to start buying your first web hosting.

How will you manage your Website?

In current scenario a static website is a dead website in eyes of not only search engines but also to clients and customers. Regular activity from your side will generate activity from other side as well. Hence, modern websites need to be equipped with a proper content management system (CMS) which is easy to understand for not so computer savvy website owners and at the same time should be powerful enough to manage all sorts of complicated content necessary to keep site interesting.

I usually offer latest versions of Joomla and WordPress, two of the most widely used CMS. They are not only powerful enough to build any sort of website, they are awfully simple enough to understand and learn to operate. At least, the content part is, and that’s all matters from client’s perspective.

Make sure your web developer is using a recognized script to empower your website. It should be powerful enough to tend all features on the front end and at the same time, it is secure enough to block all potential threats and attacks. Your web developer should have a practice of avoiding outdated scripts but also at the same time using stable version of scripts only.

Talk with your web developer about it. If he keeps most of the conversation transparent, your website is in good hands.

What are the terms of Post-Development Support?

This maybe is the last question asked in this article but should be at the top priority while finalizing your deal with your potential web developer. A concerned web developer will not just finish the development project and leave you all on your own. Those who seek to develop a long term professional relationship will offer you low cost support and will regularly update your website when available.

I personally offer free support alongside with regular counselling to help my clients achieve their objectives sooner than they can do it on their own. I only charge when they ask for some very major change in website or if the website is unrecoverable from the ruckus caused at client’s end. I also provide a well briefed know how to run their website and what to do and what not, while doing so.

If your potential web developer satisfies you about all these questions, you can feel confident that your investment will yield good returns. However, if you are finding, seeking such web developer in Lucknow, difficult, feel free to contact and hire me by clicking here. I assure you would not regret it.

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